Ballots in the mail July 15, primary vote Aug. 4

Skagit County League of Women Voters moderator Wende Sanderson (upper left) interviews District 1 and District 2 county commission candidates in advance of the state primary election.

By Mike Sato

— The primary election clock today started its three-week countdown to primary election day, Aug. 4. Washington voters are able to stay safe by voting by mail during COVID-19 times, as always, so there should be no excuse for not exercising one’s most powerful citizen’s right: voting.

In Whatcom County, there are 149,496 active voters out of 162,872 registered voters; in Skagit County, there are 80,391 active voters out of 84,819 registered voters; and in San Juan County, 13,651 active voters out of 14,561 registered voters (as of July 17).

In Washington state primary elections, the top two candidates receiving the most votes will go on to the general election on Nov. 3 regardless of political party. Listed below are local contested races to be decided on Aug. 4 and, where available, online access to candidate forum interviews, thanks to local League of Women Voters chapters and reporter Mandi Johnson of the Journal of the San Juan Islands.

Whatcom County Superior Court Position 2 (nonpartisan)
Candidates: James Erb; Evan Jones; Lisa Keeler.
LWV Candidate Forum 

Whatcom County Superior Court Position 4 (nonpartisan)
Candidates: David E. Freeman; Carl Munson; Jim Nelson.
LWV Candidate Forum

Skagit County Commission District 1
Candidates: John Archibald [No Party Preference]; Mark Lundsten [D]; Ron Wesen [R] —incumbent.
LWV Candidate Forums

Skagit County Commission District 2
Candidates: Ken Dahlsted [D] — incumbent; Mary Hudson [D]; Peter Browning [No Party Preference].
LWV Candidate Forums

Skagit County Superior Court Position 3 (nonpartisan)
Candidates: Elizabeth Yost Neidzwski; Heather D. Shand Perkins; Tom Seguine.
LWV Candidate Forum

Skagit PUD Commission Position 1 (nonpartisan)
Candidates: Ken Goodwin; Wim Houppermans; Andrew Miller; Bryce Nickel; Rick Pitt.
LWV Candidate Forum

House Legislative District 39, Position 2
Candidates: Carolyn Eslick [R] — incumbent; Ryan Johnson [D]; Sandy Mesenbrink [R].

House Legislative District 10, Position 2
Candidates: Bill Bruch [R]; Dave Paul [D] — incumbent; Taylor Zimmerman [Progressive].

San Juan County Council Residency District 1 (nonpartisan)
Candidates: Sharon Kivisto; Daniel Miller; Christine Minney; Ryan T. Palmateer; Steve Wehrly.
Candidate profiles in “County council hopefuls meet in online forums,” Journal of the San Juan Islands

San Juan County Council Residency District 2 (nonpartisan)
Candidates: Michael Durland; Rich Hughes — incumbent; Cindy Wolf.
Candidate profiles in “County council hopefuls meet in online forums,” Journal of the San Juan Islands

Congressional District 1
Incumbent Suzanne Del Bene [D] is challenged by Jeffrey Beeler, Sr. [R], Derek Chartrand [R], Steven Skelton [Libertarian], Matthew Heines [No Party Preference], Robert Dean Mair [No Party Preference], Justin Smoak [No Party Preference].
LWV Candidate Forum 

Congressional District 2
Incumbent Rick Larsen [D] is challenged by Jason Call [D], James Dean Golder [R], Cody Hart [R], Timothy S. Hazelo [R], Kari Ilonummi [R], Carrie R. Kennedy [R], Tim Uy [R].
LWV Candidate Forum

Vote early! Then, see you in November!

Mike Sato compiles environmental news items for Salish Sea News and Weather and periodically blogs for Salish Sea Communications. He is the author of The Price of Taming a River: The Decline of Puget Sound’s Duwamish/Green Waterway. He resides in Bellingham and on Lopez Island.