Ready to vote? 40th and 42nd district candidates tell where they stand on policing, COVID, more

Candidates vying for the responsibility of representing the people of the 40th and 42nd
legislative districts comment this week in the Salish Current on police reform, COVID
management, taxation strategies and seven other topics; above, the state capitol
in Olympia sits quiet between legislative sessions. (Salish Current photo)

Special to the Salish Current

— Policies and funding decisions set at the state level have profound influence on our daily lives — and our long-term safety, health and well-being. Where do the candidates vying for the responsibility of representing your voice in those deliberations stand on issues important to you?

To deepen your voting insights, Salish Current invited candidates for 40th and 42nd Legislative District House and Senate seats to answer questions on ten topics: coronavirus, state budget, local economy, policing, climate, education, health care, housing, transportation and border closure. See the responses we received at these links: