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December 30, 2021
What’s life without a future?
Salish Current readers

“Mexico would be lovely,” as freelance reporter Heather Spaulding noted, as would many other destinations. Where do you want to see yourself in 2022? Salish Current readers and writers launched the new year with inspiring ideas. (Laurie Spaulding courtesy photo)


December 30, 2021
What’s life without a future?
Salish Current readers


Updated Dec. 30, 2021

What awaits us in the new year? Salish Current has been happy to serve the community throughout 2021 with news of Whatcom, San Juan and Skagit counties, and delighted to end the year with a successful fundraising campaign to support our nonprofit newsroom. Looking forward, we asked our readers and writers to take us into the new year by sharing one thing they look forward to doing in 2022.

After all, what’s life without a future?

Here are some submittals that may help inspire your year as well:

In 2022, I look forward to some normalcy in travel and my ability to perform stand-up comedy. I haven’t been on a plane since 2019 and, with the exception of summer’s brief COVID reprieve, it’s been very frustrating to be unable to perform normally. I long to be gathered among people, full faces exposed and laughing, without fear of contracting or spreading a disease that has impacted so many. Maybe 2022 will be the year. (Photo: Cecilee Romano)

— Matt Benoit, Bellingham

In 2022, I look forward to watching the young Garry oak grow, surrounded by camas, fawn lilies and other wildflowers!

— Janet Alderton, Orcas Island

In 2022, I look forward to getting out as often as possible — out of the house, out of my head — to see the world: the full moon setting in a deep blue dawn, a calling swirl of snow geese, spider webs glazed with frost.

— Bee Faxon, Burlington

In 2022, I look forward to traveling. I remained on San Juan Island for two years. It hasn’t been that noticeable. Lately, however, I have the urge to make sure the rest of the world still exists, hasn’t been sucked into some metaverse. Mexico would be lovely, but I’ll take a day anywhere on the mainland. (Photo: Laurie Spaulding)

— Heather Spaulding, San Juan Island

In 2022, I look forward to starting my career as a professional journalist! 

— Mallory Biggar, Bellingham

Updated Dec. 23 2021

In 2022 I look forward deepening my friendships doing the many things we love to do together: forest bathing, eating together, telling stories, hiking in the mountains, laughing and learning. 

— Betsy Gross, Bellingham

In 2022, I look forward to moving into a new home and doing some interior decorating, spending time with the ones I love, and making more home-cooked meals! Happy New Year!

— Lauren Gallup, Tacoma 

In 2022 I look forward to three or four trips to the beach on Guemes Island.  Something about that short ferry ride and then a quick drive around the island topped with a long slow walk along the water edge reminds me that things can be OK! 

— Pete Haase, Bow

In 2022, I’m looking forward to the possibility of being physically with family — as opposed to Zooming with them — and to further deepening my spiritual practice by being as helpful as I can to others. 

— Lorna Reese, Lopez Island

In 2022 I look forward to finally returning with my favorite person on Earth to ONE of our favorite places on earth: sunny Italy (here, along the canals of Venice; but the island of Capri would be just fine as well, or the piazza in Orvieto, or La Scala in Naples …).

— Bill Ristow, Seattle

In 2022, I look forward to being able to spontaneously go on trips and short adventures, take that time with my dog and my partner, exploring new and different foods, and seeing smiling faces around our region, and hopefully further. I look forward to revisiting old-favorite towns, restaurants and people! 

— Alex Meacham, Gig Harbor

In 2022 I look forward to becoming a Master Gardener. Because, though I love my garden, it is time for a sustainable one that drinks less H2O. And maybe I can help others figure that out too. (Sorry, lovely roses and peonies, maybe I’ll spare a few of you.)

— Theresa Morrow, Seattle

In 2022, I look forward to going with my friends the Assinks to explore new trails and to both use the metal detector I found (for a good deal) on eBay and to rockhound. I went to a 4-H group as a child for rockhounding and want to do that again. I have heard of crystals on Hansen Creek and geodes in Walker Valley east of Mount Vernon.

— Elisa Claassen, Nooksack

Originally posted Dec. 16, 2021

In 2022, I look forward to (dream of) a major pandemic slowdown. Variants become weaker and weaker. COVID cases are in fractional percentages. Regulations ease. Masks come off. We are able to dance in crowded nightclubs, sing together, see faces and smiles too long hidden. We meet people without suspicion, make new friends. We can travel again. We can breathe.

— M.L. Lyke, Anacortes

In 2022, I look forward to exploring more of the Northwest’s scenic spaces with those dear to me. Nothing feeds my soul like fresh air and adventure! Lucky for me, this region offers myriad city parks and trails, rugged mountains and serene beaches. Luckier still, I’m blessed with loved ones who share my desire to get out there; to walk, hike, camp and road trip to recharge. 

— Kimberly Cauvel, Bellingham

In 2022, I look forward to reading more of Robert Frost. I tend to shy away from the elder titans of poetry, but I feel the need for some poetic serenity, and Frost might be the poet laureate of that. 

— Dean Kahn, Bellingham

In 2022, I look forward to getting back to my annual cross-country road trip with my mate, seeing old friends, visiting favorite parks and rediscovering America.

— Gretchen K. Wing, Lopez Island

In 2022, I’m going to forest bathe, shinrin-yoku, ocean bathe, sun bathe, mountain bathe, desert bathe; surrounding myself with trees, with water, in clean air and under open skies. If I see you, we’ll say “hi,” and keep moving, on our respective paths.

— Mike Sato, Bellingham and Lopez Island

In 2022, I look forward to expanding my musical abilities — I’ve been playing guitar for several years now, and I’ve begun to branch out towards mixing, piano playing and composition. It’s always been such a rock for me to work at it every day, and I’m finally becoming comfortable with the idea of making my own tracks rather than playing someone else’s. 

— Kenneth Duncan, Bellingham

In 2022, I am looking forward to returning to the desert Southwest this spring.  Didn’t go last spring due to the plague but I’m certain everything will be just fine this year.

Rick Haley, Mount Vernon


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