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November 2, 2023
Developer Harcourt in contract default on Bellingham waterfront
Editorial Staff

Construction of high-end condo units next to Waypoint Park and other residential buildings on the Bellingham waterfront is behind schedule, with the developer in default. (Amy Nelson / Salish Current photo © 2023)

November 2, 2023
Developer Harcourt in contract default on Bellingham waterfront
Editorial Staff


In a developing story, waterfront district contractor Harcourt Developments has been declared in default by the Port of Bellingham.

In a Facebook posting Wednesday morning, Nov. 1, Bellingham Port Commissioner Michael Shepard wrote:

“As of October 20th, 2023, The Port of Bellingham notified Harcourt Developments that they are in default of their contract to complete residential buildings in the Waterfront District. Harcourt was notified of 8 individual contractual defaults, including failure to complete the first two residential buildings within the contract’s timeline. 

“As context, Harcourt was originally selected to develop nearly 19 acres of the Waterfront District in 2015 as the Master Developer. They first purchased and renovated the Granary Building site. In 2018 they purchased about two acres of land to build three residential buildings. 

“In 2021 Harcourt and the Port renegotiated their development agreement. By this point Harcourt had missed contractual deadlines for initial site construction work and they requested an extension. The Commission approved an extension, partly due to global challenges related to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The extension was provided on the condition that future deadlines would be met and reduced Harcourt’s development option from 19 acres to nine acres. 

“So, what happens next? The Port and City will continue to work with Harcourt as they complete their partially built residential condo project. It is my expectation that Harcourt will not have an exclusive option on any future development opportunities in the Waterfront District. 

“The Port will continue to work with the City and partners to plan development in the Waterfront District that meets community expectations for job creation, housing, recreation, and environmental sustainability.”

Updates are expected soon.

— Reported by Salish Current Editorial Staff

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