Introducing Salish Current's new managing editor - Salish Current
June 28, 2024
Introducing Salish Current’s new managing editor
Patheresa Wells-Vick

Diversity, engagement, storytelling, sustainability: four-year-old Salish Current’s new managing editor Patheresa Wells-Vick is onboard and looking ahead to a future of growth in nonprofit news to serve the community. (Courtesy photo)

June 28, 2024
Introducing Salish Current’s new managing editor
Patheresa Wells-Vick


New managing editor is first staffer at four-year old community nonprofit

Dear Readers:

I am honored to introduce myself as the new managing editor of the Salish Current. With a background in nonprofit journalism and business management, I hope to help grow this organization over the coming years. To me, it’s apparent that community-driven reporting is essential to creating equity and fostering a sense of belonging. 

Last Sunday, I graduated from Western’s Fairhaven College with a degree in Storytelling of the African Diaspora: Leveraging Black Voices for Social Progress. At graduation, I gave a commencement speech focused on building community while honoring identity. I must be honest, when I came to Bellingham, it was hard for me to find community here. However, over time, I met others working to make Whatcom, San Juan and Skagit counties a welcoming, inclusive space for all. 

At the Salish Current, our mission is to provide independent, fact-based news that serves the public interest. My job as managing editor is to equip our reporters with the necessary support to ensure we are providing you with stories that directly impact your lives. An essential part of this role will be helping to steer the Current in a direction that ensures a diverse readership and sustainable funding. 

Over the coming months, my focus will be targeted in four key areas: 

  • Demographics and Diversity: I plan to diversify both content and readership by recruiting new freelance writers and auditing our existing coverage to ensure the representation of all community members. 
  • Community Engagement and Collaboration: To drive community engagement the Current will continue to participate in and host community forums to get reader input. I will also work to build partnerships with local organizations that are in line with our mission. 
  • Innovative Storytelling and Technology: To reach more readers we must incorporate multimedia storytelling into our coverage by leveraging social media, creating video content and working to increase accessibility on our website. 
  • Sustainability: Developing pathways for long-term sustainability is key to our continued success. 

Over the last few years, we have experienced an unprecedented amount of change. And now as a nation, we face the possibility of more. Though these times have tested us, I believe they have made way for new opportunities to build on our strengths and address our challenges head-on. The Salish Current exists because each one of you who reads wants to create meaningful progress toward a brighter tomorrow. Please feel free to reach out to me with your thoughts or suggestions as we move forward together.

Warmest regards, 

Patheresa Wells-Vick
Managing Editor, Salish Current 

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