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What you can do to help Southern Resident killer whales

May 23, 2024
Shaw Sandstrom

Commentary: If things don’t change, our Southern Resident killer whales are predicted to go extinct by 2050.

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Meeting the housing need: four suggestions for comprehensive planning

May 21, 2024
Garrett O'Brien

Commentary: Our current lack of available and affordable housing has taken years to develop, and correcting the problem will take a sustained community effort.

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Campus protests over Gaza part of a proud tradition

May 15, 2024
Vernon Damani Johnson

Commentary: The poor and marginal have always engaged in direct action; nonviolent protest, and even civil disobedience where laws or institutional practices are judged to be immoral.

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Trans Mountain is a metaphor for larger economic and political forces at play

May 9, 2024
Derek Moscato

Commentary: Pipeline’s completion points to Cascadia’s new era of globalization and ecological modernization

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Young people are politically alive

May 6, 2024
Minda Rae Amiran

Commentary: Proof of involvement found at Pizza, Primaries and Politics event

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The complexity of water rights adjudication

May 3, 2024
James Davenport

Commentary: The court has conflicting principles to resolve in determining rights to water in the Nooksack Basin.

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A love of theaters and volunteering

April 26, 2024
Kathy Reim

Commentary: How small-town connection and hope emerge out of volunteering.

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Climate change complicates Nooksack adjudication 

April 18, 2024
Eric Hirst

Commentary: What happens when property owners hold legal water rights that bear little relationship to the amount of water actually available?

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An Earth Day event in the rediscovery of hope

April 17, 2024
Ted Huffman

Commentary: Sacred Earth event planned to bring the communities of Bellingham together

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A boat is a dream on the water

April 4, 2024
Kari Koski

Commentary: Unfortunately there is no fairy who can magically breathe new life into derelict boats and lead them out to sea to forever explore the ocean swell.

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First four games doth not a season portend

April 1, 2024
John Stark

Commentary: Seattle Mariners — what ratio of joy to despair must we savor or endure between cherry blossoms and the fire of autumn leaves?

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A gentle force in a small package

March 29, 2024
Linda Quinby Lambert

Commentary: Friends recall Edwina Norton as one who “moved in many circles of involvement,” fully engaging in the topic at hand.

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Getting it done in Olympia

March 20, 2024
Dan Raas

Commentary: A copacetic legislative session? But next year could be very different.

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Shaw Island project restores beach to natural state

March 1, 2024
Elise Cope

Commentary: A Shaw Island landowner working with a local nonprofit revitalized part of the Salish Sea ecosystem network.

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Removing Bellingham’s parking minimums has many benefits

February 28, 2024
Michael Feerer and Jamin Agosti
Commentary: Let’s get rid of minimum parking requirements and leave more site space for trees and outdoor spaces together with more housing.
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Now is the time for a Washington state green amendment

February 19, 2024
Mimi Margulies

Commentary: A constitutional amendment is needed in Washington state to promote and protect the health and well-being of every Washingtonian, now and for future generations.

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