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Removing Bellingham’s parking minimums has many benefits

February 28, 2024
Michael Feerer and Jamin Agosti
Commentary: Let’s get rid of minimum parking requirements and leave more site space for trees and outdoor spaces together with more housing.
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Now is the time for a Washington state green amendment

February 19, 2024
Mimi Margulies

Commentary: A constitutional amendment is needed in Washington state to promote and protect the health and well-being of every Washingtonian, now and for future generations.

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The Boldt Decision 50 years on — much done, much to do

February 15, 2024
Dan Raas

Commentary: A report from the two-day conference commemorating the landmark decision.

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Notes from an observer: our public officials

February 9, 2024
Necia Quast

Commentary: How does sitting in on hundreds of local government meetings affect an observer’s perspective on local government — and how do local officials feel about being observed?

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In celebration of Black History Month

February 9, 2024
Vernon Damani Johnson

Commentary: We celebrate Black History Month and the heroic leaders and movements that have advanced racial justice by remembering that the struggle for justice for African Americans is only part of the history of movements for racial justice in this country.

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The monster of the deep

February 6, 2024
Grant Jones

Commentary: A young man’s story from the late landscape architect and poet Grant Jones, shared eight years ago, for winter reading.

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Planning for less water in Whatcom

January 30, 2024
Eric Hirst

Commentary: All of us in Whatcom County will have less — perhaps much less — water for our homes, businesses and farms in the future.

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Beyond environmentalism: supporting Bellingham’s economic future

January 23, 2024
Garrett O'Brien

Commentary: Bellingham faces affordability challenges but also has an opportunity to set a new course: the upcoming comprehensive plan update allows for rebalancing.

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A tale of two kinds of whales

January 19, 2024
Monika Wieland Shields

Commentary: Why we have two distinct populations of killer whales that frequent our local waters.

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Issues to watch in 2024

January 4, 2024
Dan Raas

Commentary: Keep an eye on the six initiatives to the legislature, Nooksack water rights adjudication, child care initiative grants, new Bellingham Mayor Kim Lund and new sheriff in town Donnell “Tank” Tanksley.

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The stewardship of the Creation

January 3, 2024
Ron Polinder

Commentary: Describing the underlying ethic that shapes our view of the land.

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CAST is a hidden gem needing help, to help

December 11, 2023
John Dunne

Commentary: Starting in 1999, CAST volunteers have been feeding the unhoused and food-insecure four days a week in downtown Bellingham.

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Washington State Ferries problem is a management problem

December 6, 2023
Alex MacLeod

Commentary: On the San Juan Islands/Anacortes route, one day it’s an old boat with mechanical problems. One day it is the lack of necessary crew. Some days it is both.

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Thoughts from an observer

December 1, 2023
Necia Quast

Commentary: How the San Juan County League of Women Voters Observer Corps started — and why.

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Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project is a looming environmental disaster

November 20, 2023
Roger Emsley

Commentary: What started as a single man-made pod in the estuary is now a massive port complex with both coal and three-berth container terminals and many trains daily.

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So we had an election: a few comments

November 15, 2023
Dan Raas

Commentary: Lessons from this year’s general election results suggest attention to strategic campaigning and messaging are needed to win in “light-blue” Whatcom County.

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