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The stewardship of the Creation

January 3, 2024
Ron Polinder

Commentary: Describing the underlying ethic that shapes our view of the land.

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CAST is a hidden gem needing help, to help

December 11, 2023
John Dunne

Commentary: Starting in 1999, CAST volunteers have been feeding the unhoused and food-insecure four days a week in downtown Bellingham.

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Washington State Ferries problem is a management problem

December 6, 2023
Alex MacLeod

Commentary: On the San Juan Islands/Anacortes route, one day it’s an old boat with mechanical problems. One day it is the lack of necessary crew. Some days it is both.

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Thoughts from an observer

December 1, 2023
Necia Quast

Commentary: How the San Juan County League of Women Voters Observer Corps started — and why.

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Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project is a looming environmental disaster

November 20, 2023
Roger Emsley

Commentary: What started as a single man-made pod in the estuary is now a massive port complex with both coal and three-berth container terminals and many trains daily.

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So we had an election: a few comments

November 15, 2023
Dan Raas

Commentary: Lessons from this year’s general election results suggest attention to strategic campaigning and messaging are needed to win in “light-blue” Whatcom County.

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BC mega container terminal questions answered

November 8, 2023
Ginny Broadhurst

Commentary: National focus narrows consideration of potential environmental damages.

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State-mandated tree clearings will not improve wildfire resiliency

November 7, 2023
Michael Feerer

Commentary: The State Building Code Council’s proposed wildfire defensible space rules should be withdrawn.

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‘An ounce of prevention,’ to address Type 2 diabetes

November 6, 2023
Sandhya Manivannan Gelou

Commentary: Preventive actions are urgently needed, advocates emphasize with November’s National Diabetes Awareness Month.

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Pro and con: Bellingham’s minimum wage, renter relocation initiatives

October 20, 2023
Devan Fischer and Guy Occhiogrosso; Kerri Burnside and Perry Eskridge

Commentary: Supporters and opponents of two initiatives — one to raise the minimum wage above the state’s level, and one to mandate economic displacement assistance for renters — speak out on their perspectives on proposals to be decided by City of Bellingham voters.

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Myriad major threats to Salish Sea in proposed BC port terminal expansion

October 19, 2023
Derek Moscato

Commentary: It’s time for residents across the Salish Sea region to come together and holistically assess long-term implications of a historically significant infrastructure project proposed at Roberts Bank in Lower British Columbia.

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Pro and con viewpoints on Bellingham’s Greenways V proposition

October 11, 2023
Laurel Cook and Brad Jones

Commentary: Supporters and opponents speak out on Bellingham’s Greenways V levy proposition to fund acquisition, development and maintenance of open space, parks and other elements of the city’s strategic plan.

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Keep our waterfronts working

October 10, 2023
Dan Tucker

Commentary: A coalition of businesses, organizations and individuals is against changes to regulations as a solution to issues related to water-reliant commercial activity on Whatcom’s waterfronts.

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How Growler jets are impacting our region

October 5, 2023
Christine Kerlin

Commentary: Jet noise brings loss of hearing, increased blood pressure, sleep disturbance, stress and interference with childhood learning— in addition to impacts on orca whales, birds and other animals.

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Pro and con viewpoints on Whatcom’s Public Health, Safety and Justice Sales and Use Tax proposition

October 4, 2023
Peter Frazier and Mike McAuley

Commentary: Supporters and opponents speak out on Whatcom County’s Public Health, Safety and Justice Sales and Use Tax ballot proposal to fund a new jail and behavioral health, supportive housing, public safety and other criminal justice facilities and services.

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League chapters, media keep the focus on local news

August 29, 2023
Mary Coltrane and Dee Anne Finken

Commentary: Bringing home the lesson of local news and the police raid on the Marion County Record 

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