The old-fashioned ‘new politics’ of civic activist Jack Delay 

June 23, 2023
Sati Mookherjee

Commentary: A colleague takes a memorial look at a life-long activist whose career culminated in the co-founding and success of Communitywise Bellingham.

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Use unleaded fuel at Bellingham International Airport

June 9, 2023
Bert Webber

Commentary: “Lead emissions from aircraft engines that operate on leaded fuel cause or contribute to air pollution that may reasonably be anticipated to endanger public health and welfare.” — EPA

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Homeless by choice

May 26, 2023
John Dunne

Commentary: Bobby Joe, the Singing Hillbilly, has stories, songs and jewelry to share.

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Loss of palliative care is a community’s loss

May 19, 2023
Margaret Jacobson

Commentary: More than 100 current patients and all possible future eligible patients stand to lose palliative care when PeaceHealth closes its outpatient palliative program.

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Outpatient palliative care program unfortunately unsustainable

May 19, 2023
Bryan Stewart

Commentary: Insurance reimbursement levels and rising costs across all service lines led to PeaceHealth’s decision to end its comprehensive outpatient palliative program and restructure to continue to “provide the essential components of the program.”

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Earth Day 2023: A frank look at where we are

April 21, 2023
Kathy Fletcher

Commentary: Just as in 1970, we are at another major reckoning point in our relationship to our home planet.

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Affordable Whatcom broadband is on the way

April 21, 2023
Jamie Douglass

Commentary: Whatcom agencies are moving forward on affordable fiber-optic broadband for all.

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Can we prevent homelessness?

March 31, 2023
John Dunne

Commentary: There are many reasons people become homeless — can it be prevented? Unequivocally, yes, says one close observer. Housing and income play into the complex causes.

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Donating a kidney is a life-affirming experience

March 24, 2023
Helene Fellows

Commentary: Kidney donation was simply “the right thing to do”: a donor tells her story.

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An unfortunate change of plans

March 15, 2023
John Dunne

Commentary: Jo Ann, who with her dog, Mouse, moved from her RV to a tiny-home village, suffered a massive stroke which paralyzed her entire left side.

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Southeast Alaska troll fishery has deep local ties

March 7, 2023
Pete Granger and Norman Pillen


Shutting down Southeast Alaska’s troll fishery will not stave off the decline of local orca and salmon populations — but it will have devastating effects on hundreds of fishing families and businesses.

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Donut Hole win can guide transboundary strategy

March 2, 2023
Derek Moscato

Commentary: There are many good reasons for protecting the Skagit River headwaters; high on the list is the ongoing health of the larger Skagit watershed, a defining element of the region’s geography and cultural heritage.

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Ongoing racial reckoning in the post-George Floyd era

February 9, 2023
Vernon Damani Johnson

Commentary: Three years after the Summer of Racial Reckoning, a divided populace still grapples with damaging and sometimes deadly effects of racism, and with how to talk about the issues.

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Ocean-to-table journey of uniquely tasty oysters takes work

January 31, 2023
Alexi Guddal

Commentary: It takes a community to raise and harvest an oyster.

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Hope has arrived

December 14, 2022
John Dunne

Commentary: Constant worries about being attacked or robbed are in the past for a woman who has found housing — for now — in a tiny home village.

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Composting as a climate solution

December 8, 2022
YEP! of Skagit County

Commentary: Proper disposal of food waste is something every household can do to limit climate change, advise teens engaged in climate action.

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