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Struggling state ferry system finds its way in Washington governor’s race

April 16, 2024
Jerry Cornfield, Washington State Standard

Democrat Bob Ferguson backs building diesel ferries if it gets new boats sooner. Republican Dave Reichert pokes him for pilfering an idea GOP lawmakers proposed months ago.

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Washington lawmakers vote to shore up ferry service on final day of session

March 7, 2024
Tom Banse

Some islanders dependent on ferries get a life ring, but November statewide vote on cap-and-trade repeal could poke new leaks in budget.

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Legislators throw a life ring to Washington’s ‘other’ ferries

February 21, 2024
Tom Banse
Increased state aid for Guemes Island ferry replacement and a new Kitsap hydrofoil ferry comes with a catch: voters must reject climate act repeal initiative.
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Is passenger-ferry service for the islands possible?

February 7, 2024
Toby Cooper

In San Juan County, years of service interruptions, cancellations and mechanical breakdowns have taught ferry-weary islanders to mistrust the WSF system upon which so many depend. Now, the possibility of passenger-only boats for interisland routes may spark reasons to cheer.

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Strangled by ferry crisis, islanders demand action

November 20, 2023
Nancy DeVaux

San Juan County, Town of Friday Harbor and Vashon Island identify impacts of disruptions and possible solutions to alleviate ferry service ills.

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WSF canceled 1,145 sailings this summer with outsized impact on the San Juans

October 19, 2023
Scott Greenstone / KNKX Public Radio

More than 1,100 canceled Washington State Ferries sailings between mid-June and late September had the heaviest impact on lives and livelihoods of those depending on the San Juan Islands-Anacortes routes.

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Detour? Delay? Drivers, businesses cope with summer road construction

August 18, 2023
Matt Benoit

Road construction projects throughout Whatcom County are creating challenges now — for benefits later.

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WTF? WSF meets community’s ire after Memorial Day weekend debacle in San Juans

June 2, 2023
Nancy DeVaux

Questions on crew shortage, breakdowns, overnight wait, emergency services, fare increases, Sidney run resumption — and more — aired at meeting on ferries.

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Where’s the ferry?

February 24, 2023
Nancy DeVaux

Islanders will see more crew, upgraded terminal … before new ferries.

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WTA diesel bus purchase prompts questions re zero-emission progress

May 19, 2022
Matt Benoit

Whatcom Transportation Authority’s decision to purchase eight diesel-powered buses has gotten pushback from some who find the move at odds with the county’s emissions goals.

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Floods, COVID, retirements complicated December snow removal

February 10, 2022
Chris O'Neill

Clearing roads after December’s heavy snowfall was extra-challenging for local crews in Whatcom County, with over a foot of snow reported in some of the area’s microclimate zones.

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Ferry delays are beyond inconvenience, islanders stress at community meeting

January 14, 2022
Heather Spaulding

Islanders gave Washington State Ferries staff an earful at a community meeting about how disruptions on the San Juan-Anacortes ferry route hamper access to healthcare, education, jobs, supplies and families. With COVID-19, freezing weather and crew shortages, ferry riders have endured a chaotic year and want to know what the state will do to improve the situation.

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Traveler beware: lack of food service at Lopez landing adds challenge to wait for a ferry

November 12, 2021
Gretchen K. Wing

Remember to pack those snacks: cars leaving Lopez Island by ferry load on a first come, first served basis, and the wait can be hours-long when traffic is heavy and ferries are delayed or runs cancelled. The landing features a ticket office, waiting room and portable toilets … but a lone vending machine is the only option for food.

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Southwest Airlines lands in Bellingham as Canadians welcomed back to the U.S.

November 5, 2021
Ralph Schwartz
Southwest Airlines, one of North America’s four major airlines, will begin offering flights to Oakland and Las Vegas from Bellingham’s airport next month, a major move in the view of the Port of Bellingham.
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Community Voices / Electric vehicles and the Tesla experience

November 4, 2021
William Dietrich

With the state legislature and some local governments contemplating a future without fossil fuel-powered vehicles, Northwest Washington car buyers are beginning to ponder what it’s like to drive an electric vehicle — a computer on wheels — and some already are behind the wheel.

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‘Where’s the ferry?’ islanders ask as crew shortages stymie scheduled sailings

October 12, 2021
Heather Spaulding

In San Juan County, where ferry service is an integral part of the state highway system, recent cancellations of ferry sailings related to crew shortages have resulted in some residents unable to get home, to work or to doctor appointments, and have delayed arrival of groceries and other vital supplies.

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