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Community Voices / Powerful stories bring understanding, in celebration of Black History Month

February 5, 2021
The study and knowledge of Black history bring understanding to race and racism in the United States.
Terri Thayer
photo: Amy Nelson © 2021
Community Voices, Culture, Governance

Community Voices / Understanding the importance of the Point Elliott Treaty

January 28, 2021
An understanding of the elements of sovereignty of the Lummi Nation and the significance of the term “treaty” is integral to understanding the importance of these agreements then — and now.
Terri Thayer
Community Voices, Governance

Community Voices / Democracy in America

January 15, 2021
We live in tumultuous times. Last weekend Salish Current asked people of various political persuasions to write about the state of our country’s democracy in advance of the inauguration.
Salish Current readers
Community Voices, Culture, Governance

Community Voices / Religious freedom in pandemic times

January 12, 2021
The complex issue of religious freedom as it relates to the gathering of believers during our pandemic times has been in the news these past months as certain religious groups reject the State’s role in limiting events to certain numbers and locations.
Ron Polinder
Community Voices, Governance

Community Voices / Election reforms are key to restoring public confidence

December 18, 2020
Community Voices: “Restoring public confidence in elections is a concern for every one of us, regardless of party.”
Doug Ericksen
photo: Amy Nelson © 2020
Community Voices, Governance

Community Voices / ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident’

December 18, 2020
While we as citizens may chafe at what seems like an inordinately slow process, this waiting period offers an opportunity to reflect on the brilliance of our elections system.
Allison Aurand and Michael Jay
photo: Amy Nelson © 2020
Community Voices, Culture, Public Health

Community Voices / COVID be damned — if you could be anywhere in the world on the Winter Solstice, where would you choose?

December 18, 2020
Readers were invited to share their ideal locations for marking December’s Solstice this year … if it weren’t for COVID-19. Read on, for a travelogue of cherished spots around the globe.
Salish Current readers
photo: Amy Nelson © 2020
Community Voices, Journalism

Community Voices / Erosion in local news threatens democracy

November 27, 2020
Local dailies in Northwest Washington are turning into ghosts — ghost newspapers, existing in name but no longer having the staff or the commitment to cover local and regional news. The trend is part of a national crisis that’s been accelerating at warp speed since 1990.
Bill Dietrich
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Community Voices / Nooksack water rights adjudication is an existential threat to farming’s future

November 13, 2020
Whatcom County farmers say they view water rights adjudication as an existential threat to their future, in their long-term battle to maintain farming as part of the local economy and culture.
Henry Bierlink
Community Voices, Culture, Governance, Journalism

Reporter’s Notebook / Pursuing the story of the ‘Freedom to Worship Protest’

October 23, 2020
As a reporter for Salish Current, I reached out to WA3%’s website in September, looking to speak with a Whatcom County chapter member. I wanted to know who these members were in our community, how they had come to believe what they believe and how they see themselves.
Matt Benoit
photo: Amy Nelson © 2020
Agriculture, Community Voices, Natural Resources

Community Voices / Whose water is it in Whatcom County?

October 9, 2020
This may surprise you: Water, even in wet Whatcom County, is a scarce resource.
Eric Hirst
photo: Washington State Department of Ecology © 2020
Community Voices, Culture, Public Health

Community Voices / Comic relief — laughter in the time of COVID

October 2, 2020
On the evening of March 5, I did a four-minute stand-up set at Bellingham’s Upfront Theatre
Matt Benoit
photo: Matt Benoit © 2020
Community Voices, Culture, Public Health

Community Voices / The coronavirus pandemic adds new twists to the ‘good death’

June 4, 2020
In our time of pandemic, the hackneyed phrase, “a good death,” has come to have new meaning and, yes, a new life.
Floyd McKay
photo: Amy Nelson © 2020
Community Voices, Culture, Education

Community Voices / Busier-than-ever librarians connect people with books, job ads, even food during COVID shutdown

May 29, 2020
Whatcom County libraries have been closed to the public for over two months now. Despite the closures, staff have been busier than ever, working from home and pitching in wherever possible to provide services to the public.
Christine Perkins
photo: Whatcom County Library System © 2020
Community Voices, Education, Public Health

Community Voices / Kids in the time of COVID

April 17, 2020
Very few kids would trade being able to see and hang out with friends, participate in football and other sports, go to restaurants now and then, and even go to school every day for being confined at home with their families, all day, every day. But that’s where they are for now, as the COVID-19 pandemic has closed schools around Washington state.
Salish Current editors
photo: Amy Nelson © 2020
Commerce, Community Voices, Governance

Community Voices / Business as usual not happening soon, per Whatcom’s Satpal Sidhu

April 10, 2020
Family dairies, the annual Ski to Sea race and visitor and shopper traffic from Canada are just a few archetypal activities being disrupted in Whatcom County as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses. Business as usual is not due back in Whatcom County any time soon, said county executive Satpal Sidhu in an April 10 interview.
Kimberly Cauvel
photo: Amy Nelson © 2020