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Whatcom Falls 1999 disaster memorial story pole, Lummi House of Tears Carvers (Matt Benoit)

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Jul12-2024 Pride. Milfoil. Comp Plan. Taco Lobo. Land Bank. Children’s Health. Mariners

Jul03-2024 Salish camas. Lynden fluoride veto. Racial Unity Now. San Juans Food Hub. Presidential debate.

Jun28-2024 New managing editor. Ocean acid. Student protest. Diversion. Shaw Island property.

Jun21-2024 Team JD R2AK. Samish Nation’s future. Karl Freske. Butterflies. Boards of Health.

Jun14-2024 Port modernization bonds. R2AK. Whatcom Creek disaster. Sumas Valley vs Sumas Lake.

Jun07-2024 Whatcom Creek voices. Farmers markets. Growler noise. Fixing ferries. Queer Collective. Dogwhistles.

May31-2024 New ferries. Land acknowledgment. Lopez affordable housing. Local flowers. Deer danger.

May24-2024 Whale extinction. Point Roberts. More housing. Taft visit. Saving whales.

May17-2024 Whatcom sheriff. Tidal energy. ‘Forever chemicals.’ Shakespeare. Shari Lane. Campus protests.

May10-2024 Candidates. TMX. Whatcom Creek. San Juan Land Bank. Mariners. Whales Watch. Young Voters.

May03-2024 GiveBIG. Oil tankers. Flynn in Bow. Adjudication. Lopez sea rise. Farmworker housing.

Apr26-2024 Volunteer for hope. Skagit streams. TR’s visit. Marine mammals saved. Fire levy OK’d.

Apr19-2024 Nooksack schools. Sacred Earth Day. Skagit wheat. Ferry politics. Adjudication and climate.

Apr12-2024 Rosario sale. Mexico eclipse. Island solar. Affordable housing. Bay pier. Kids play.

Apr05-2024 Downtown B’ham. Orcas land. Disabilities. Boat dreams. B’ball. Spring!

Mar29-2024 Edie Norton. Agritourism. Island tourism. Children of the Setting Sun. Gun laws.

Mar22-2024 Lynden fluoride. B’ham restaurants. Lege wrap up. Governing Friday Harbor. Oly oysters.

Mar15-2024 Tidegates. Orcas fire chief. LGBTQ+. Granges.

Mar08-2024 Hunting death details. ‘Red Paint.’ Ferries funding. Merlin. Sikhs.

Mar01-2024 Shaw Island. Tyler Schroeder. City parking. Modern libraries. Spongy moths.

Feb23-2024 U and As. Fire levy. Passenger ferry. Skagit nursery. Green Amendment. Mega-port.

Feb16-2024 Nooksack flood. Boldt 50. Adjudication. Rosario. Seed to Sandwich.

Feb09-2024 Black history. Observer Corps. Island planning. Passenger ferry. Fish story. Tribes 101.

Feb02-2024 Boldt50. Orcas Fire and Rescue. Food security. Nooksack water. Hope.

Jan26-2024 Hydrogen. Hot pursuit. Storming the Sound. Clam garden. Housing. Who plans? Public defenders.

Jan19-2024 Orca! STS. Gas spill. Swim pool. Feeding clients. Winner!

Jan12-2024 Rising seas. Freezing weather. ’36 Olympics. Island issues. Contest winner!

Jan05-2024 Lege priorities. Initiatives. Local issues. Stewardship.

Dec29-2023 2023’s successes, 2024’s promise. Thank you!

Dec22-2023 Season’s cheer. Reunion. Healthy Children. Organic labels. Sumas Lake.

Dec 15-2023 Racial equity. Monument advice. Wildfire fighting. Pipeline spill. CAST.

Dec08-2023 Legislative ‘Privilege.’ First reponder health. The Skagit. Owls. Ferries fix.

Dec01-2023 Zylstra Lake trail. Observer Corps. Ghost river.

Nov24-2023 Skagit birds. Island ferries. Stop Roberts Bank Terminal 2.

Nov17-2023 Homeless students. Fire levy. Samish kelp. Election. Indie films.

Nov10-2023 Initiatives. Trails. Cleanup. Art. Trees. Port. Disease.

Nov03-2023 Grizzlies! Harcourt. Student mental health. Managing tourism. Jazz!

Oct27-2023 Port firing. Homeless housing. ‘Special place.’ Home care heroes.

Oct20-2023 Cool pix. Big port. Youth vote. Winter shelter. Ferry woes.

Oct13-2023 San Juan work. Waterfront work. Food waste. Greenways.

Oct06-2023 ‘Breaking the News.’ Growlers. Jail pro/con.

Sep29-2023 Lopez pool. COVID now. Selling sewage.

Sep22-2023 Elsie Mae. Straits initiative. Your vote.

Sep15-2023 Downtown fix. ‘Dr. Marty.’ The next flood.

Sep08-2023 Dry wells. ABC. Tsunami. Good reads.

Sep01-2023 Island fire. Local news. Tokitae.

Aug25-2023 Tokitae. Candidate forum. Beach eggs

Aug18-2023 Traffic delays. You coping?

Aug11-2023 Skagit agriculture. Local theater. Saving Samish Crest.

Aug04-2023 San Juan red foxes. One Whatcom. Election results.

Jul28-2023 Voting veterans. Tim McNulty. ‘Rights of Nature.’

Jul21-2023 Melting glaciers. Rights of Nature.

Jul14-2023 ‘Lyra.’ Election forums.

Jul07-2023 Rights of Nature. Lopez school budget.

Jun30-2023 Bill Nye. Lincoln Theatre.

Jun23-2023 Sikhs. Young voters. Jack Delay.

Jun16-2023 School board battles. Wireworms.

Jun09-2023 Race to Alaska. Leaded gas.

Jun02-2023 How goes Edison? Where’s the ferry?

May26-2023 Friday Harbor biz. Whatcom ‘Poor Farm.’

May19-2023 Gun laws. PeaceHealth palliative care.

May12-2023 AI: the future is here. Scrap metal. Bee love.

May05-2023 Build houses, save trees. Schools in perfect storm.

Apr28-2023 Bellingham’s waterfront. Shrink shortage.

Apr21-2023 Earth Day! Childcare. Home Trust. Broadband.


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