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Local flower-farming takes root  in a global economy

May 28, 2024
Small-scale Skagit farms seek to demonstrate there’s more than a price point to value.
Adam M. Sowards

Science denialism and the bright extinction of killer whales

May 23, 2024
Wildlife veterinarian Joe Gaydos reflects on what we know about our resident whales and why it’s so hard to save them.
Rena Kingery
Community Voices

What you can do to help Southern Resident killer whales

May 23, 2024
Commentary: If things don’t change, our Southern Resident killer whales are predicted to go extinct by 2050.
Shaw Sandstrom

A presidential visit planned and celebrated — then forgotten

May 22, 2024
President William Howard Taft stopped in Bellingham, Mount Vernon and Burlington in 1911. But the excitement didn’t last.
Richard Arlin Walker
Community Voices

Meeting the housing need: four suggestions for comprehensive planning

May 21, 2024
Commentary: Our current lack of available and affordable housing has taken years to develop, and correcting the problem will take a sustained community effort.
Garrett O’Brien

Fewer Canadians getting to the Point: do Point Roberts trends signal long-term change?

May 20, 2024
Worker visa exemption request for ‘unique’ peninsula split by international border goes nowhere.
Tom Banse

Jail, behavioral health, community policing challenge new Whatcom County sheriff

May 16, 2024
Donnell “Tank” Tanksley is Whatcom’s 38th sheriff — and the first African American in the role.
Matt Benoit

Lopez author’s debut novel rooted in people and place

May 16, 2024
Author Shari Lane finds island’s gift in a sense of belonging.
Gretchen K. Wing

Tales of tricksters and triumphs: 35th year of Vancouver’s Shakespeare festival to open

May 15, 2024
Just across the border, Bard on the Beach is one of Canada’s largest not-for-profit, professional Shakespeare festivals.
Margaret Bikman
Community Voices

Campus protests over Gaza part of a proud tradition

May 15, 2024
Commentary: The poor and marginal have always engaged in direct action; nonviolent protest, and even civil disobedience where laws or institutional practices are judged to be immoral.
Vernon Damani Johnson

What tighter federal PFAS mandates mean for local contaminated communities

May 14, 2024
Lowering the maximum allowed levels means that many local well tests are now close to or over the federal limit.
Sam Fletcher

OPALCO proposes to harness tidal power for San Juans

May 13, 2024
Updated: Tapping tidal flows for power generation has long been an elusive goal for clean-energy advocates. Formidable hurdles make the task far from certain.
Toby Cooper

San Juan and Skagit county council candidates file for election

May 10, 2024
Primary contest in store for San Juan county positions
Toby Cooper, Dick Clever, and Editorial Staff
Community Voices

Trans Mountain is a metaphor for larger economic and political forces at play

May 9, 2024
Commentary: Pipeline’s completion points to Cascadia’s new era of globalization and ecological modernization
Derek Moscato

Pipeline explosion: Part 2 — Healing and aftermath

May 8, 2024
Whatcom Creek restoration and working for future safety became community efforts following the 1999 devastation.
Meghan Fenwick

Mariner Musing: The Mariners are in first place atop the AL West Division

May 8, 2024
Counting the good things that got the team to a 19­–15 record as of May 6
John Stark


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