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Is passenger-ferry service for the islands possible?

February 7, 2024
In San Juan County, years of service interruptions, cancellations and mechanical breakdowns have taught ferry-weary islanders to mistrust the WSF system upon which so many depend. Now, the possibility of passenger-only boats for interisland routes may spark reasons to cheer.
Toby Cooper
Community Voices

The monster of the deep

February 6, 2024
Commentary: A young man’s story from the late landscape architect and poet Grant Jones, shared eight years ago, for winter reading.
Grant Jones

Tribes 101: About the Native nations that share geography with Washington state

February 5, 2024
In upholding treaties as part of the “supreme Law of the Land,” the Boldt Decision of 1974 reaffirmed treaty law and tribal sovereignty — concepts still not universally understood.
Richard Arlin Walker
Natural Resources

50 years after Boldt Decision: new and lingering challenges to salmon recovery

February 2, 2024
As Washington treaty tribes mark the 50th anniversary next week of the Boldt Decision, challenges to a sustainable salmon population remain.  
Richard Arlin Walker

Amid controversy and turmoil, Orcas fire commissioners plan for a new levy proposal

February 1, 2024
Staff resignations, no-confidence volunteer letter, levy vote deadline confront island emergency service.
Minor Lile
Public Health

Strengthening local food ties in COVID’s wake

January 31, 2024
The pandemic’s disruption accelerated some positive trends in regional farming and hunger relief, demonstrating how food can be an agent of change.
Adam M. Sowards

High water in Whatcom … and getting higher?

January 30, 2024
Recent heavy snow and rain accompanied by unseasonal warm temperatures have combined to raise water levels in both the already-saturated Nooksack and Sumas river basins.
Matt Benoit
Community Voices

Planning for less water in Whatcom

January 30, 2024
Commentary: All of us in Whatcom County will have less — perhaps much less — water for our homes, businesses and farms in the future.
Eric Hirst

Fighting climate fear with hope

January 29, 2024
Environmental scholar Elin Kelsey says that understanding evidence-based successes in combating climate change is an antidote to the pervasive fear and hopelessness that surrounds the issue.
Meghan Fenwick
Public Health

Expanded police pursuit authority may come up for initiative vote

January 26, 2024
Voters may have their say on police pursuit restrictions if an initiative that broadly widens police authority makes it onto the November ballot.
Matt Benoit

Power of community resonates at Storming the Sound

January 26, 2024
Environmental educators and students celebrated a milestone this week and considered grief over lost treasured spaces — while looking into the future.
Amy Nelson
Natural Resources

Green hydrogen plans take shape for former Alcoa site at Cherry Point

January 24, 2024
Renewable power supply and tribal consultation could present hurdles for dreams of green power and local jobs.
Tom Banse
Social Justice

‘Verge of collapse’: Washington public defenders swamped by cases

January 24, 2024
The pandemic worsened persistent challenges for public defenders — rising caseloads, growing trial backlogs and increasing departures — and for defendants.
Jerry Cornfield, Washington State Standard
Community Voices

Beyond environmentalism: supporting Bellingham’s economic future

January 23, 2024
Commentary: Bellingham faces affordability challenges but also has an opportunity to set a new course: the upcoming comprehensive plan update allows for rebalancing.
Garrett O’Brien

Rebuilding Salish Sea clam gardens, rock by rock

January 22, 2024
Video: The Swinomish Indian Tribal Community is creating new habitats along the coastline to help marine life weather rising sea temperatures.
Sarah Hoffman, Crosscut and KCTS 9
Community Voices

A tale of two kinds of whales

January 19, 2024
Commentary: Why we have two distinct populations of killer whales that frequent our local waters.
Monika Wieland Shields


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