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After disaster strikes, how much is it worth to rebuild?

June 13, 2024
Steph Kwetásel'wet Wood, The Narwhal

In 2021, flooding in the Sumas Valley caused millions in damages. Rebuilding could cost more than twice as much as restoring the region to its natural state.

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New funding to build farmworker housing in the Pacific Northwest, nationwide

May 1, 2024
Lauren Gallup, Northwest Public Broadcasting

Local housing leaders have a chance at USDA money for aid in easing the region’s housing crisis.

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Tribe, feds, state face off on stream water temperature in the Skagit

April 24, 2024
Dick Clever

Swinomish say not enough is being done to address the overheating of the Skagit’s salmon spawning and breeding streams.

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Pasture or power? Solar talk on San Juan Island

April 8, 2024
Nancy DeVaux

Can people support something and not support it at the same time?

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Way cleared for repair of Skagit tidegate critical to delta protection

March 15, 2024
Dick Clever

National Marine Fisheries Service delay “increased risk of serious harm from tidal flooding,” judge rules.

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Still centers of farm community, Granges adapt in a changing world

March 13, 2024
Adam M. Sowards

Long centers for rural community gatherings, Granges face ‘aging out.’

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Nooksack water rights adjudication is on track for April filing

February 14, 2024
Clifford Heberden
State officials in the Legislature, courts administration and Ecology are preparing Whatcom courts and residents for pending historic water rights adjudication.
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Cultivating a resilient regional ‘seed to sandwich’ food system

February 12, 2024
Adam M. Sowards

A “seed to sandwich” approach to addressing hunger — ensuring access by all to nutritious food — is the goal of local food plans.

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Strengthening local food ties in COVID’s wake

January 31, 2024
Adam M. Sowards

The pandemic’s disruption accelerated some positive trends in regional farming and hunger relief, demonstrating how food can be an agent of change.

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Planning for less water in Whatcom

January 30, 2024
Eric Hirst

Commentary: All of us in Whatcom County will have less — perhaps much less — water for our homes, businesses and farms in the future.

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Connecting Skagit’s food producers and food needs

January 15, 2024
Adam M. Sowards

Helping Hands and We Feed WA meet immediate hunger needs and seek long-term solutions for equitable, sustainable food systems in Skagit County.

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In touch with the Earth: there’s more than marketing behind ‘organic’ labels

December 20, 2023
Adam M. Sowards

Some local farmers are leaning away from the ubiquitous green-and-white USDA Organic label and into the messages of newer alternatives.

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Sumas Lake: a once (and future?) feature of the border

December 19, 2023
Lane Morgan

The catastrophic floods of November 2021 on both sides of the U.S.-Canada border brought to mind an Ice Age souvenir that many Whatcom residents didn’t know existed.

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The barn owl: a good neighbor

December 7, 2023
Tony Angell

Unique among owls, this species has co-evolved with humankind and throughout its range has sustained and even expanded its numbers by routinely using the structures that we construct as sites to raise their broods.

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Skagit’s white birds of winter are ambassadors among land use, values conflicts

November 22, 2023
Adam M. Sowards

Hunters, tourists, wildlife photographers, birdwatchers and farmers have distinct relationships and sometimes competing interests when it comes to these wintering flocks.

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Reducing food waste: part of the food insecurity solution

October 8, 2023
Aria Nguyen

Food insecurity is a multifaceted issue with more than one cause — but managing food waste may be part of the solution.

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