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Removing Bellingham’s parking minimums has many benefits

February 28, 2024
Michael Feerer and Jamin Agosti
Commentary: Let’s get rid of minimum parking requirements and leave more site space for trees and outdoor spaces together with more housing.
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Beyond environmentalism: supporting Bellingham’s economic future

January 23, 2024
Garrett O'Brien

Commentary: Bellingham faces affordability challenges but also has an opportunity to set a new course: the upcoming comprehensive plan update allows for rebalancing.

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CAST is a hidden gem needing help, to help

December 11, 2023
John Dunne

Commentary: Starting in 1999, CAST volunteers have been feeding the unhoused and food-insecure four days a week in downtown Bellingham.

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School districts confront mental health crisis

November 2, 2023
Aria Nguyen
Funding, additional mental health counselors and the potential for telehealth services are elements of the county-district partnership in ensuring youth are living safe and healthy lives.
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Who to vote for? Read what the candidates have to say

October 17, 2023
Whatcom Watch in partnership with Salish Current

November’s general election will decide who will lead Whatcom County and the City of Bellingham in 2024. Ballots will be mailed on Oct. 20 for the Nov. 7 election. In collaboration with Salish Current, Whatcom Watch queried candidates for their stances on crucial issues, to help voters make their choices.

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Who will solve the problems of downtown Bellingham?

September 15, 2023
Matt Benoit

Downtown businesses and civic leaders address downtown Bellingham’s problems of crime and safety.

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Outpatient palliative care program unfortunately unsustainable

May 19, 2023
Bryan Stewart

Commentary: Insurance reimbursement levels and rising costs across all service lines led to PeaceHealth’s decision to end its comprehensive outpatient palliative program and restructure to continue to “provide the essential components of the program.”

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Bond system, wealth inequity are targets of school-funding suit

March 2, 2023
Kai Uyehara

If a lawsuit brought against the state by one of Washington’s small, rural school districts prevails, it could level the playing field for rich and poor districts when it comes to funding school construction.

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Sylvia Center closure clouds future for local theater

July 7, 2022
Matt Benoit

Announcement of the closure of Sylvia Center for the Arts — a surprise to many — has prompted questions about the future of local theater.

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photo: Kai Uyehara

New safe-space resource center would assist immigrants

June 24, 2022
Kai Uyehara

Bellingham’s Immigration Advisory Board is recommending a new resource center to assist immigrants in finding and accessing essential services.

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Schools assess safety protocols after shootings, threats

June 17, 2022
Kenneth Duncan

Recent school shootings and threats have renewed concern over safety — and impact on students’ mental health.

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Floods, COVID, retirements complicated December snow removal

February 10, 2022
Chris O'Neill

Clearing roads after December’s heavy snowfall was extra-challenging for local crews in Whatcom County, with over a foot of snow reported in some of the area’s microclimate zones.

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Winter shelter solutions lag behind need as unhoused number continues to grow

February 3, 2022
Noah Harper

Whatcom County’s unhoused population has seen a steady rise over the past decade, making it hard to plan how to meet shelter and housing needs. But planning — a year or more in advance — is an important part of finding long-term solutions.

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Winter leaves hummingbirds in the cold: dead, alive … or in torpor?

January 27, 2022
Chris O'Neill

Is that lifeless-looking hummingbird lying on the frozen ground really dead … or in torpor? Wildlife rescue professionals say it’s not uncommon to see Anna’s hummingbirds at their centers during the winter months, as the birds have moved farther north with climate change. Inert-seeming hummingbirds may in fact be alive but conserving energy, and experts advise contacting professionals to find out how to help.

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Bellingham to be a two-newspaper town again — in a brave new information world

January 21, 2022
Matt Benoit

A new digital and print publication launching this month will make Bellingham a two-newspaper town once again. The publication launches into an information environment much different from the last time the town had two papers, and observers look forward to the prospect of seeing more local news on government, agriculture and other topics.

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Housing pressures spark new look at inclusionary zoning

January 7, 2022
Lauren Gallup

Inclusionary zoning policies that either incentivize or require developers to include some units in construction projects that qualify as affordable housing are being reexamined as a way to provide much-needed affordable housing in Bellingham.

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