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Samish Nation protects ‘breathtaking’ kelp forests, nearshore habitat

November 14, 2023
Richard Arlin Walker

Restoration work by the Samish Indian Nation is addressing the 36% decline in kelp forest acreage in the San Juan archipelago.

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Lopez Island ‘most special place’ to be held in local control

October 24, 2023
Nancy DeVaux

Watmough Bay Higgins property management discussions raise issues of tribal, federal co-management.

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Modern conservation corps meshes care for land, health for youths

April 13, 2023
Gretchen K. Wing

Youth Conservation Corps in the Salish Sea region offer a prescription for youths’ mental, cultural and spiritual health — and a means to care for the land.

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Food security requires connection to land, to each other

March 10, 2022
Sarah Reeves

Feeding communities is particularly challenging now, in the face of systemic upheaval, climate change and uncertainty. San Juan islanders making key connections to build resilience for future food security met recently in an ag summit.

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‘Most special place’ for salmon, native culture gains protection with San Juan land bank purchase

February 25, 2022
Gretchen K. Wing

A pristine site along the southeastern shore of Lopez Island with deep history for Coast Salish peoples has gained protection from development with approval of its purchase by the San Juan County Land Bank.

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