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U.S., Canada make headway on cross-border Nooksack flood strategy

September 12, 2023
Catherine Skrzypinski and Clifford Heberden

As the two-year anniversary of a devastating Nooksack River flood approaches, cross-border strategy talks are beginning to take shape, taking community cooperation and climate change into consideration. Is it enough?

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photo: Matt Benoit © 2021

Sumas, border town of boom and bust, stays hopeful

April 21, 2021
Matt Benoit

The main thoroughfare through Sumas on its way to the Canadian border isn’t seeing much traffic since the COVID-19 pandemic forced closure of the border crossing to all but essential traffic. Although the town is home to 1,700 people and still growing, closed gas stations, empty storefronts and a lack of grocery stores give the impression of a town in decline.

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Cascadia’s media ecosystem connects our cross-border bioregion

January 20, 2021
Derek Moscato

Journalism that embraces a larger vision of the international corridor will best serve the Cascadia bioregion’s constituents by setting up the region up to tackle the big challenges of the next century.

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