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‘Surprisingly interesting’: local observers do local reporting on local government

December 22, 2022
Nancy DeVaux

The League of Women Voters of the San Juans has begun observing and reporting on local government.

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Making community whole again during a time of plagues

March 30, 2022
Derek Moscato

Salish Current’s recent Trust 2022 forum on media and democracy highlighted ongoing challenges the news industry faces — but also charted a pathway for how local newsrooms can potentially revitalize our civic life and institutions, notes Community Voices contributor Derek Moscato.

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Local news and democracy forum dedicated to journalist Floyd McKay

March 10, 2022
Mike Sato

The online forum “Trust 2022: Why Independent Local News is Important to a Strong Democracy” to be held on March 17 will be dedicated to the memory of journalist and educator Floyd McKay, who died in Bellingham on March 4.

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Forum set on vital need of local journalism for strong democracy

February 17, 2022
William Dietrich

The urgent issue of supporting local news to help ensure a strong democracy will be addressed by two leading journalists and Washington’s attorney general in a free online forum next month organized by nonprofit local newsroom Salish Current in partnership with Village Books.

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Community Voices / San Juan County to vote on climate, environment, equity, justice amendments to county charter

August 12, 2021
Kevin Ranker

Priority for climate and environment; justice, equity and inclusion; and an emphasis on citizen engagement are driving proposals the San Juan County Charter Review Commission has advanced for the November ballot. The commission is continuing its work and plans to submit additional propositions for the 2022 ballot.

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Community Voices / Erosion in local news threatens democracy

November 27, 2020
William Dietrich

Local dailies in Northwest Washington are turning into ghosts — ghost newspapers, existing in name but no longer having the staff or the commitment to cover local and regional news. The trend is part of a national crisis that’s been accelerating at warp speed since 1990.

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