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Cultivating a resilient regional ‘seed to sandwich’ food system

February 12, 2024
Adam M. Sowards

A “seed to sandwich” approach to addressing hunger — ensuring access by all to nutritious food — is the goal of local food plans.

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Strengthening local food ties in COVID’s wake

January 31, 2024
Adam M. Sowards

The pandemic’s disruption accelerated some positive trends in regional farming and hunger relief, demonstrating how food can be an agent of change.

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Connecting Skagit’s food producers and food needs

January 15, 2024
Adam M. Sowards

Helping Hands and We Feed WA meet immediate hunger needs and seek long-term solutions for equitable, sustainable food systems in Skagit County.

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Seed swaps strengthen community — and improve produce

March 18, 2022
Sarah Reeves

Gardening strengthens community ties, along with providing people with access to nutritious, homegrown food. Recently, more and more local gardeners are gravitating to seed swapping to enable access to the best plants for the particular microclimates of this region, yielding the tastiest produce.

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Food security requires connection to land, to each other

March 10, 2022
Sarah Reeves

Feeding communities is particularly challenging now, in the face of systemic upheaval, climate change and uncertainty. San Juan islanders making key connections to build resilience for future food security met recently in an ag summit.

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‘Food hub plus’ part of ambitious collaboration to meet housing and food needs

October 1, 2021
Lane Morgan

A complex housing and food resources proposal for the Bellingham waterfront aims to employ a fusion of community and economic development in “a once in a lifetime opportunity” to meet local food supply needs — with the help of local farmers and suppliers.

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photo: Amy Nelson © 2012

Doing the work of the people: legislation introduced by 40th and 42nd District legislators

February 12, 2021
Mike Sato

A month into the 2021 state legislative session, it’s time to review the legislation introduced by our elected representatives as of this week.

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Local food banks have been addressing a hunger crisis — even before COVID

February 5, 2021
Heather Spaulding

Even before the pandemic lockdowns caused unemployment to skyrocket, food banks worked to help millions of Americans who were not able to feed their families.


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