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Thoughts from an observer

December 1, 2023
Necia Quast

Commentary: How the San Juan County League of Women Voters Observer Corps started — and why.

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It’s match time!

November 3, 2023
Amy Nelson

Donations to the Salish Current during November and December will be matched thanks to generous local supporters and national NewsMatch funders — and go directly to provide more local news.

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Pickford film documents launch of news startup with nontraditional lens

October 6, 2023
Matt Benoit

“Breaking the News” documents the challenges of launching a nonprofit news agency during a global pandemic and sociopolitical upheaval.

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Making community whole again during a time of plagues

March 30, 2022
Derek Moscato

Salish Current’s recent Trust 2022 forum on media and democracy highlighted ongoing challenges the news industry faces — but also charted a pathway for how local newsrooms can potentially revitalize our civic life and institutions, notes Community Voices contributor Derek Moscato.

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Cascadia’s media ecosystem connects our cross-border bioregion

January 20, 2021
Derek Moscato

Journalism that embraces a larger vision of the international corridor will best serve the Cascadia bioregion’s constituents by setting up the region up to tackle the big challenges of the next century.

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