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Legislature decides WA schools should include LGBTQ+ history 

March 14, 2024
Scarlet Hansen, Cascade PBS

Senate Bill 5462 would require state curricula to teach the perspectives and experiences of historically marginalized groups.

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Pickford film documents launch of news startup with nontraditional lens

October 6, 2023
Matt Benoit

“Breaking the News” documents the challenges of launching a nonprofit news agency during a global pandemic and sociopolitical upheaval.

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Law into action: teaching sexual inclusivity in school sexual education

May 26, 2022
Lauren Gallup

Local public school districts are preparing to meet new state mandates for teaching about sexuality and gender.

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In an age of social controversy, the show goes on

June 9, 2021
Matt Benoit

Theater producers, actors and audiences are bringing new perspectives to the question of what play content may be inappropriate, offensive or even harmful. Responses to a recent choice by Western Washington University’s theater department prompted a debate of those questions among the local theater community.

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