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Review: The art and science of bullshit detection — skepticism in a data-driven world

March 31, 2023
Dean Kahn

Review: A “badly needed” field guide and the subject of a free local presentation on April 13, “Calling Bullshit” primes readers with attitude and insights to help recognize what’s true and what’s not.

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Local journalism is key for healthy communities: forum

March 18, 2022
Clifford Heberden

Local journalism is not optional, but essential, for healthy communities and democracy, asserted speakers in the “Trust 2022” online forum March 17 sponsored by Salish Current and Village Books. Two nationally respected journalists and Washington’s attorney general spoke to how local news coverage can help rebuild trust in democratic institutions.

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Local news and democracy forum dedicated to journalist Floyd McKay

March 10, 2022
Mike Sato

The online forum “Trust 2022: Why Independent Local News is Important to a Strong Democracy” to be held on March 17 will be dedicated to the memory of journalist and educator Floyd McKay, who died in Bellingham on March 4.

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21st century evolves from setbacks to optimism for developer David Syre

December 23, 2021
Matt Benoit

Despite success in the 1980s and 1990s, Whatcom County real estate developer David Syre and the company he founded faced setbacks at the turn of the new century. These days, he looks forward to countering misinformation through a local news project.

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Bellingham Herald news reporters opt to unionize, for the cause of ‘robust local news’

December 18, 2020
Mike Sato

Reporters at Washington state’s McClatchy Company-owned newspapers, including those at the Bellingham Herald, have moved to unionize.

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Community Voices / Erosion in local news threatens democracy

November 27, 2020
William Dietrich

Local dailies in Northwest Washington are turning into ghosts — ghost newspapers, existing in name but no longer having the staff or the commitment to cover local and regional news. The trend is part of a national crisis that’s been accelerating at warp speed since 1990.

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