Tacoutche Tesse, the Northwest’s great ghost river — Part 5: The bleeding Heart of the Fraser

January 5, 2023
Eric Scigliano

Gravel beds in the Heart of the Fraser — called one of the “most productive stretches of river on the planet” for spawning fish — are threatened with large-scale wetland destruction.

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North Fork Nooksack Forest project: thinning for habitat or harvesting for profit?

April 8, 2021
Alex Meacham

Following the comment period on a draft Environmental Assessment of a proposal to cut trees and manage vegetation to improve habitat and stand conditions and to harvest timber in the North Fork Nooksack area, next steps are up to Forest Service project managers.

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photo: Tony Angell © 2020

More scrutiny sought on proposed logging around North Fork near Glacier

June 26, 2020
Alex Meacham

The U.S. Forest Service has proposed logging about 5,700 acres near the North Fork of the Nooksack River around Glacier, Canyon and Wells creeks. Called the North Fork Nooksack Vegetation Management Project, the proposal focuses on the timber harvest part of the Forest Service’s multiuse mandate. That puts it at odds with the priorities of some conservation groups, and it is being met with requests for further evaluation.

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