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Is Whatcom County ready for the next pandemic?

March 24, 2023
Matt Benoit

Three years after COVID-19 upended society, are state and local organizations ready for the possibility — however unlikely — that another pandemic could strike?

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Growth in local cannabis business amplifies challenges as well as revenues

December 16, 2021
Kenneth Duncan

Cannabis industries in Whatcom, Skagit and San Juan counties have experienced a large increase in both revenue for retailers and excise tax proceeds for governments over the past two years. But sales growth means competition for supplies and workspace, and smaller, more locally based businesses are struggling to keep a foothold among the bigger players.

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Businesses open but not ‘as usual’ as pandemic continues to affect restaurant staff, management

December 9, 2021
Mallory Biggar

Restaurants are open for business but definitely not back to normal, as management and staff work their way through post-pandemic-shutdown changing realities. While federal support dollars helped many owners to carry on and stay in business, the industry is seeing a trend toward workers leaving, prompted by concerns for their physical and mental health as well as newly difficult social interactions in an already stressful work environment.

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Local courts work to catch up on COVID-backlog delays in delivering justice

July 23, 2021
Matt Benoit

Courts in Whatcom County are trying to regain the flow of delivering justice that was in play prior to the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown — and the recovery is proceeding differently at each level of the court system.

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