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Tyler Schroeder to lead Port of Bellingham economic development

February 29, 2024
Matt Benoit

Whatcom County’s top administrative director is moving to the Port of Bellingham after 10 years serving two county executives.

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Developer Harcourt in contract default on Bellingham waterfront

November 2, 2023
Editorial Staff

Bellingham’s Port and City officials will continue working with Harcourt to complete residential construction in the city’s waterfront district, with the developer in default of contract.

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BC metal recycler may site shredder on Bellingham Bay

May 12, 2023
Kai Uyehara

A scrap metal recycling company which has been the subject of noise complaints from neighbors  is reportedly looking to expand its operations along  Bellingham Bay.

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Expectations are high, questions remain as waterfront neighborhood takes shape

April 28, 2023
Kai Uyehara

In early planning, Bellingham envisioned an urban village, public spaces, new jobs and low-income housing on the former GP property on Bellingham Bay. What’s actually in development?

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Port promises to dampen loading noise in wake of complaints

January 26, 2023
Riley Weeks

Port of Bellingham officials responded to neighborhood complaints with promises to lower the noise level related to a new work contract.

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Ship-loading noise tests Bellingham port’s neighborliness

January 13, 2023
Riley Weeks

Nighttime scrap metal activity at Port of Bellingham draws noise complaints from hillside residents.

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Leaded aviation fuel fires decades-long complaint

July 26, 2022
Sadie Fick

A Cliffside neighborhood resident is challenging federal, state and local officials including the Port of Bellingham over the use of leaded airplane fuel.

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Broadband’s coming but cost, quality still in question

March 4, 2022
Chris O'Neill

Two years of pandemic isolation not only revealed how important internet connectivity is in today’s world but also exposed the stark divide between those with service and those without. Now, the task of providing reliable, low-cost internet service continues.

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Southwest Airlines lands in Bellingham as Canadians welcomed back to the U.S.

November 5, 2021
Ralph Schwartz
Southwest Airlines, one of North America’s four major airlines, will begin offering flights to Oakland and Las Vegas from Bellingham’s airport next month, a major move in the view of the Port of Bellingham.
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Election 2021: Parties aim to influence Port elections; candidates embrace nonpartisanship

October 13, 2021
Ralph Schwartz

Port of Bellingham commission seats are nonpartisan, but that doesn’t mean the political parties aren’t trying to sway the outcomes of this year’s elections with endorsements and campaign funding support.

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Election 2021: Candidates vie to drive the engine of Whatcom County’s economic development

October 8, 2021
Ralph Schwartz

Two of three commissioner positions for the Port of Bellingham — the county’s economic engine — are up for election on the Nov. 2 ballot. Along with speaking to the issues, candidates have found they need to explain the job’s impact whenever they knock on voters’ doors.

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photo: Amy Nelson © 2021

Efficiency, diversity, integrity: how many port commissioners to best serve Whatcom County?

June 17, 2021
Alex Meacham

As Whatcom County voters prepare to assess candidates vying for two of three seats on the Port of Bellingham Board of Commissioners and four of seven county council positions, some are once again raising the question of whether the area would be better served by a larger port board.

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photo: Jack Finley © 2021

Skaters, business, Port collaborate for Bellingham waterfront skate park

April 2, 2021
Jack Finley

A local business owner and rag-tag group of skaters have cleaned up an abandoned parking lot under the Chestnut Street bridge on the Bellingham waterfront with the goal of establishing a skatepark, as the City and Port of Bellingham look at expanding the area’s current agreement to include that use.

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The future arrives on the Bellingham Bay waterfront

January 22, 2021
Alex Meacham

After more than a decade of discussion, planning and cleanup of an industrial waste site on Bellingham Bay, the city’s partnership with the port and a contract with a Dublin-based company are putting the waterfront’s future on the ground.

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photo: Kimberly Cauvel © 2020

Much more than a marina: Port of Bellingham drives economic recovery and growth

November 13, 2020
Kimberly Cauvel

When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, responsibilities of the Port of Bellingham Board of Commissioners changed, to focus on keeping local businesses afloat through the economic downturn.

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photo: Amy Nelson © 2019

No Whatcom vote this November on increase in Port commission members

July 24, 2020
Mike Sato

Port of Bellingham commissioners took no action at their July 14 meeting on allowing Whatcom County voters to decide whether to expand the commission to five members from the current three, effectively closing the issue for now.

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