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Southeast Alaska troll fishery has deep local ties

March 7, 2023
Pete Granger and Norman Pillen


Shutting down Southeast Alaska’s troll fishery will not stave off the decline of local orca and salmon populations — but it will have devastating effects on hundreds of fishing families and businesses.

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Can trees save the Nooksack River?

August 5, 2022
Clifford Heberden

The stronger positive effects of older forests on streamflows in the watershed are under study, as forest management practices are reconsidered in response to climate change impacts.

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‘Salmon People’ dives deep into the past to save the salmon

August 5, 2022
Chris O'Neill

Inspired to keep alive the work of past generations and influenced by care for future generations, a nonprofit video production group’s current project focuses on the “Salmon People.”

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Streamside shade: fish and farm advocates struggle to find common ground

February 24, 2022
Lauren Gallup

Salmon recovery is a priority for many in Washington who see vegetated streamside buffers as important to salmon-friendly habitat. But some in the state’s agricultural community see the threat of loss of productive farmland from proposals such as the Lorraine Loomis Act discussed earlier in this year’s legislative session.

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Author of ‘Orca’ has a message for the Northwest: hope has a price tag

September 14, 2021
Gretchen K. Wing

The new book Orca: Shared Waters, Shared Home begins in crisis, as author Lynda Mapes tells the gut-wrenching story of Tahlequah (J35), the mother orca who in 2018 carried her dead baby around for 17 days. Mapes will speak Sept. 18 at the Lopez Island Library.

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photo: Amy Nelson © 2021

Little estuary to see big restoration investment

April 25, 2021
Alex Meacham

A small city park on Bellingham Bay will soon include a valuable asset for the local aquatic ecosystem, as the City of Bellingham identifies funding needed to establish an estuary at Little Squalicum Park.

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photo: Amy Nelson © 2021

A next step to resolve Nooksack water rights waits on legislative budget decision

March 19, 2021
Alex Meacham

The state Department of Ecology has announced its intent to resolve the contentious issues around water rights in the Nooksack Basin through the legal action of adjudication, and money to move that process forward is proposed in the budget under consideration by the Legislature.

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Community Voices / Thoughts on the Puget Sound Partnership and recovering Puget Sound

February 17, 2021
Al Bergstein

An apparent focus on reducing the ongoing costs of recovery of Puget Sound rather than recovery efforts themselves worries some who are concerned about the health of the ecosystem.

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