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Is passenger-ferry service for the islands possible?

February 7, 2024
Toby Cooper

In San Juan County, years of service interruptions, cancellations and mechanical breakdowns have taught ferry-weary islanders to mistrust the WSF system upon which so many depend. Now, the possibility of passenger-only boats for interisland routes may spark reasons to cheer.

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Planning for less water in Whatcom

January 30, 2024
Eric Hirst

Commentary: All of us in Whatcom County will have less — perhaps much less — water for our homes, businesses and farms in the future.

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Power of community resonates at Storming the Sound

January 26, 2024
Amy Nelson

Environmental educators and students celebrated a milestone this week and considered grief over lost treasured spaces — while looking into the future.

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A tale of two kinds of whales

January 19, 2024
Monika Wieland Shields

Commentary: Why we have two distinct populations of killer whales that frequent our local waters.

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Washington State Ferries problem is a management problem

December 6, 2023
Alex MacLeod

Commentary: On the San Juan Islands/Anacortes route, one day it’s an old boat with mechanical problems. One day it is the lack of necessary crew. Some days it is both.

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Thoughts from an observer

December 1, 2023
Necia Quast

Commentary: How the San Juan County League of Women Voters Observer Corps started — and why.

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Strangled by ferry crisis, islanders demand action

November 20, 2023
Nancy DeVaux

San Juan County, Town of Friday Harbor and Vashon Island identify impacts of disruptions and possible solutions to alleviate ferry service ills.

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Managing tourism at core of destination plan controversy

October 29, 2023
Nancy DeVaux

Undocumented claims, local rants and raves are rolling in as the comment deadline nears for San Juan County’s Draft Destination Management Plan.

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San Juans assess fire risk, in the aftermath of Lahaina

September 1, 2023
Kathryn Wheeler

Excess forest vegetation once controlled by managed burns by Coast Salish peoples now accumulates in dry, unhealthy forest conditions.

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WTF? WSF meets community’s ire after Memorial Day weekend debacle in San Juans

June 2, 2023
Nancy DeVaux

Questions on crew shortage, breakdowns, overnight wait, emergency services, fare increases, Sidney run resumption — and more — aired at meeting on ferries.

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Sky Cutter

May 19, 2023
Tony Angell

The common nighthawk winters as far as the Amazon Basin and returns to this area to nest in summer. Ironically and contrary to its name, the common nighthawk’s numbers are diminishing.

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Senate bill changing vessel-orca distance moves forward

April 14, 2023
Nancy DeVaux

Keeping our distance from the whales: 1,000-yard rule for all vessels passes both Washington houses.

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Modern conservation corps meshes care for land, health for youths

April 13, 2023
Gretchen K. Wing

Youth Conservation Corps in the Salish Sea region offer a prescription for youths’ mental, cultural and spiritual health — and a means to care for the land.

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Back to the land in the islands — Part 2: Women who farm

March 31, 2023
Kathryn Wheeler

Island farming is an experiment in sustaining a lifestyle — but much more, as young farmers look for ways to support and feed the community.

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Back to the land in the islands — Part 1: Locally growing

March 24, 2023
Kathryn Wheeler

Can there be more than tourism in the San Juan Islands?

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Management plan in place as San Juan Islands monument turns 10

March 15, 2023
Nancy DeVaux

A celebration of the San Juan Islands National Monument 10th anniversary by federal officials and locals is planned for March 25 at Friday Harbor Grange Hall.

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