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What you can do to help Southern Resident killer whales

May 23, 2024
Shaw Sandstrom

Commentary: If things don’t change, our Southern Resident killer whales are predicted to go extinct by 2050.

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Science denialism and the bright extinction of killer whales

May 23, 2024
Rena Kingery

Wildlife veterinarian Joe Gaydos reflects on what we know about our resident whales and why it’s so hard to save them.

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Canada approved a major port expansion in endangered orca habitat — now it’s going to court

February 20, 2024
Steph Kwetásel'wet Wood, The Narwhal

Just north of the U.S.-Canada border, conservation groups say the feds contravened endangered species law when they approved Roberts Bank Terminal 2 in Metro Vancouver, which would double the footprint of Canada’s largest port.

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A tale of two kinds of whales

January 19, 2024
Monika Wieland Shields

Commentary: Why we have two distinct populations of killer whales that frequent our local waters.

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Using ‘rights of nature’ to correct environmental wrongs

July 7, 2023
Clifford Heberden

Will the rights of nature movement, called the “fastest-growing legal movement of the twenty-first century” by U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres, find a foothold here?

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Senate bill changing vessel-orca distance moves forward

April 14, 2023
Nancy DeVaux

Keeping our distance from the whales: 1,000-yard rule for all vessels passes both Washington houses.

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San Juan waters remain at risk from oil spills 

January 27, 2023
Kathryn Wheeler

 The August 2022 oil spill off San Juan Island was called a ‘wake-up call’ for more prevention and response. Was it?

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