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Michael Flynn brings film ‘Flynn’ to Skagit’s Cowboy Church

April 30, 2024
Matt Benoit

Bow tour stop draws hundreds to see and hear former U.S. national security advisor.

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Democracy in America: Are you a citizen? Let’s test that.

January 29, 2021
Mike Sato

Naturalized citizens of the United States share some common knowledge about our country when they discuss, argue and vote. How much of that do you, as a citizen whether naturalized or born, share?

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photo: Amy Nelson © 2020

Community Voices / ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident’

December 18, 2020
Allison Aurand and Michael Jay

While we as citizens may chafe at what seems like an inordinately slow process, this waiting period offers an opportunity to reflect on the brilliance of our elections system.

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photo: Amy Nelson © 2020

Reporter’s Notebook / Pursuing the story of the ‘Freedom to Worship Protest’

October 23, 2020
Matt Benoit

As a reporter for Salish Current, I reached out to WA3%’s website in September, looking to speak with a Whatcom County chapter member. I wanted to know who these members were in our community, how they had come to believe what they believe and how they see themselves.

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